Organizing for a Successful Semester

Oh hey, it is me!  I just looked and I have not posted for over a year!  My apologies.  Yet, how many blog post about organization do you want to read?

I have finished my first semester of college and it was amazing.  I give credit to my organization skills that made it so successful.  I am going to post most of the ideas and tips I found helpful for college.  I collected the tips from several Pinterest ideas.  I thought I would be kind and put everything in one spot!  How nice, right?


Well, a backpack is a vital item for college.  It is your locker.  If you are commuter this is basically your house!  Anyways I looked for a while this summer and I found a Jansport backpack I really like.  As you can see it has patterns, but it is neutral.  I would definitely recommend it!  It carries everything I need!  I found mine on Amazon!


I am a mom when it comes to carrying my backpack.  I have everything in a little compartment.  I created this from collecting different items from different pins.  Here it is in one place!

Backpack Essentials: Kleenex, Band-Aids, Fingernail Clippers, Hair things/bobby pins/headbands, Brush, Chapstick, Earbuds, Extra Charging Cord, Umbrella, Extra Gloves, Toothpicks, Hand Sanitizer, Tide Stick,  Ibuprofen and TUMS, Gum



I love COLOR CODING anything I can!  All my classes are color coded.  That means my notebooks are color coded with the colored pen I use to write down homework in my planner.  I also color a square on the top of each notebook signaling which class it is.  This all helps me keep organized through the chaos of college.  I label each of my notebooks/folders/binders with washi tape and then I put clear tape over it so it won’t fall off!  When in doubt I write it in my planner.  I think this is key!  I use planner stickers also to make life a little more interesting!

I hate writing in pencil.  When I can I write with color, I do! The brand I love best is Stabilo.  They work really nice.  I also have a fun pen case.  Do you ever have that problem where you have to dig and dig to find the right color?  Well, I have the perfect way to fix that problem!  This pencil case came from China, but I really like it!  I bought it from Amazon!

Random Items

I work out at the gym on campus, but that requires a lot of packing the night before.  I shower there as well.  I buy little travel size containers and fill them up through the semester.  As I mentioned before so I use washi tape to label those as well.


Lastly, college can get stressful, but I really like this essential oil blend called Cheer Up Buttercup!  It is perfect for a rough day!


I am sure I am missing something, but this is all I have shared at the time!  I hope this helps you have an organized semester!

Please feel free to share my blog and pin any of the pictures on to Pinterest!  Thank you for stopping by!


Tea Parties and More!

When I was a little kid I loved playing with American Girl Dolls.  Now that I am older I still think they are pretty cool!  Well one of the kids I babysit loves them too, so I decided to have a tea party with her!  That is one of the huge highlights of this post.  Also, I encourage you to share my blog.  I have a love for writing and having fun with kids.  So this blog is a perfect opportunity for me to do both of my passions at the same time.  I would love to see more followers and views becasue that would make it even more fun to write these post!  To know people are actually reading it, is a big deal when it takes time to write them!  I like to think of my  blog as Pinterest, just all the best ideas are picked out already!  I would super appreciate if you shared my blog!  THANK YOU!


Now to my post!  I am combing a few days in one post just so you know!

Snack Time

Graham cracker aquariums.  Super easy, super fun, and super yummy!  You put blue frosting in the middle of the cracker then put gold fish on it.  It just so happened that the frosting came with fish sprinkles too!

Materials: Blue Frosting, Graham crackers, Gold Fish, knife

The final product!
In action!

Outside Activity

Attention Outside lovers!  You simply make a target with sidewalk chalk.  You can make it as big or small as you would like.  You can get some sponges (I got mine at the dollar store), and you throw it at the target.  We soaked ours in water so when you throw it on the driveway you can tell where it hit! You then keep track of points.  I put 50 points in the middle and went there on out.  Usually we play the first one to 300 points! It usually ends up with a water fight at the end!  Be prepared!

Materials: Sidewalk chalk, sponges, water

What the target looks like!
Soaking the sponges!

Bubble Snakes

These are super fun!  You simply put bubbles in a bowl.  You can put food coloring in it if you choose!  It adds a little more to the coolness of the activity!  Then you put an old sock on a plastic water bottle.  You cut the bottom of the plastic water bottle, and put the sock on the water bottle!  Simply dip the water bottle in the bubbles and blow through the bottle!  The end result is awesome!

Materials: Plastic water bottle, bubbles, old sock, bowl, food coloring

Website: More Information!

Attention Game Lovers!

I found a new game that every kid I have played with so far has LOVED!  It is called Spot It!  I am quite sure you can get the game anywhere!  It is where you find matches on different cards.  There are also different variations of the game.  Super simple, but fun!


Torture Cootie Catcher

Yes indeed they still love this!  She had to paint her nails, and he had to take some pictures.  If you like this idea, leave a comment and I can give you more ideas!

Painting her nails!
Being a photographer!

 Duct Tape Book Corners

I think I had more fun with this then the kids did.  You simply cut off a corner of an envelope and put duct tape on it.  Having fun duct tape is key though, like glasses, superman, or penguins!



I am terrible at this, but the kids had fun!  He tried making some kind of throwing star.  I know there is a specific name for this, but I forgot.  I think something to do with Star Wars!


Air Dry Clay

This is fun, and pretty easy surprisingly.  All you do is mix 1 cup of baking soda and 1/2 cup of corn starch in a sauce pan.  Then add 2/3 cup warm water and stir until it is smooth.  Then over a medium heat you boil and stir it until it is the consistency of mashed potatoes.  (I didn’t think this was going to happen, but it really did.)   Then put it on a board and let it cool.  Then you can kneed it and you can make it into cool shapes.  I am quite sure once it is completely dry you can paint it as well!

Website: For More Information!


It was quite the process.  First we got the girls dressed and their hair done.  We had real little food for the American Girls.  I brought little tea cups and plates and so on.  I made name tags too for everyone who attended.  🙂

For food we made “Doughnuts” .  You are supposed to use Cheerios, but we didn’t have any so I used baby snacks!  It worked fine!  For some we put them in a bag with confectioners sugar, and shook the bag.  Some we melted chocolate chips and put it on the snacks and then sprinkled them!  Super easy and fun!


Another thing we made was “watermelon.”  It didn’t turn out, but what you do is make jello (watermelon or strawberry) and put chocolate chips in it when it cools to look like watermelon!  Fun idea!  If you have a little more time you could do this.

The set up!

We also popped popcorn for a little more food.

Lastly we made smoothies.  Simply you put frozen fruit in a blender with some milk.  Blend it up and then put into glasses.  I put whipped cream and sprinkles on top for some fun.  I also cut straws in half to make them smaller!  A very fun activity!


A few more random pictures!

Thank you so much for taking a look at my blog!  It means a lot!  Keep on sharing!  If you have any questions feel free to leave comments on the post itself!

Another Adventure!

I have been a terrible blogger.  I have been on vacation and so on.  You all know that story!  These activities are from two days before I left.  Anyways lets get to it!

Bow Tie Noodle Craft

Girls would probably enjoy this craft more than boys.  She had fun.  It’s pretty simple.

Materials: Cardstock, chalk markers, bow tie noodles, hot glue, and a sharpie

Website: For more details!

The final product!

Blow Bubbles to Make Paint

This one was super fun!  Simply you put food coloring and bubbles in a bowl.  We made our own bubble wands too.  Super easy and fun.  It is best if you use card stock or thicker paper.

Materials: Bubbles, food coloring, bowls, card stock, bubble wands

Materials for wands: pipe cleaners, and pony beads

Website: More details on the wand! 

More details on the paint bubbles!

Crayon Rubbings

I was quite impressed with how these turned out.  All you have to do is use a hot glue gun and make your design on cardboard.  This craft isn’t ideal for little kids since there is a hot glue gun involved.  You let the hot glue dry and then put paper over it and color over it and you’ll have the design you put on the cardboard!

Materials: Cardboard, hot glue gun, paper, crayons

Website: For more details!


This is a good craft for boys.  It is super easy and a ton of fun.  I brought marshmallows to launch, but you could use pretty much anything to launch!

Materials: Popsicle sticks, rubber bands, hot glue gun, milk top, launching materials

Website: For more details!

Ready, Set, Go!

Paper Fans

These are fun to make on a hot day.  Then you can fan yourself.  These didn’t turn out amazing, but they were fun to make!

Materials: Clothes pins, colored paper, hot glue gun

Website: For more details!

They didn’t turn out perfect!

Ping Pong Relay

All you need is two people and a ping pong ball! You need to have a starting and ending line and see who can push their ping pong ball to the other end with their nose first.  It is really tricky and fun!

Doesn’t it look fun?

American Girls

This took me back to when I was a kid!  I sure loved my American Girls!  We played for awhile, dressing them up and so on!  A very good way to pass time away!

She sure loves her American Girls!


For some reason I didn’t get any pictures of these, but they were super fun.  All you do is put pony beads on a pipe cleaner, and twist the pipe cleaner.  You then put eyes and tongue and then you have a snake!

Materials: Pipe cleaner, pony beads, google eyes, and hot glue gun

Website: For more details!

Torture Cootie Catcher

They still love this, and it surprises me.  I love seeing them hard at work.

I believe she had to play a song on the piano and she played Hot Cross Buns.

Toothpick, Dot, and Marsh-mellow Construction

I was so excited about this activity!  The point was to the build the tallest building. They were given 25 toothpicks, 15 marshmallows, and 10 dots.  From there on out they had to “pay” to get more.  They had a $100 budget.  Dots were $7, Marshmallows were $5, and toothpicks were $3.  It was super fun to watch them hard at work!  I then made a rubric.  Things I “graded” them on was creativity, sturdiness, height, and cost effective.  He won!


The final product!

She was kind of proud!
Looking pretty pleased with himself!

That is all folks! I should have another blog post at the end of this week, so keep a look out! Please share!  It would be much appreciated!  Thank you for stopping by!



First Day Of Summer

Summer is finally here, and I am so excited! I will be doing plenty of babysitting and traveling this summer, and I’m thrilled!  I thought this summer I would share what I bring when I got babysitting, as well of any organizing I do. I also do art journal pages which I will share with you as well.  I am not the average babysitter, as I bring tons of activities to do with kids.  One of the main reasons is so I don’t get bored, but I do also want them to have fun as well.

The first thing we did was do the “torture” cootie catcher.  One calls it that becasue I did have write a story or do something nice for your siblings.  It keeps them quiet for a little bit, and helps them be creative.  I didn’t take pictures.  I will in the future!


Next up we made Popsicle Stick Superheros.  I thought this was fun because who doesn’t like superman?    They thought it was fun, and one of them made four of them!

Materials: Popsicle sticks, paint, card stock, paint supplies

Check this out for directions!

Working on painting her sticks.
This is how mine turned out!  I love doing the crafts too!

Balloon Volleyball

Next up was balloon volleyball.  This game is a lot of fun, and it is really easy to put together.  I found the smaller the space, the less people can play. If you are in a small space have one person play against one person.  If you have more room, you can have more than one person on a team.

Materials: Popsicle Sticks, balloons, masking tape, Plates, Hot Glue (Only if you want to make your sticks stay together, and longer)

It can little crazy playing the game.  Paper plates work best for this game!

Colored Rice

We went on an adventure and made colored rice.  It is really enjoyable to do, and really simple.  You can play with it for sensory play, or even just use your imagination.

Materials: 1 cup of rice, Tablespoon of Vinegar, bags, wax paper, and food coloring.

Check this out for directions!

Shaking the rice up to make sure all the rice get color!
I think it turned out very well!

DIY Stress Balls

This was a fail, so don’t try to it, but I tried to make stress balls. It didn’t work out to well, or maybe I didn’t read the instructions very well.  🙂 This would be called a Pinterest fail in my terms!  I won’t give you the materials or the link, because I don’t suggest you try it.

As you can see…

Tie Dye Baby Wipes

The next activity I really liked, and I even had my little sister do it!  Tie dye baby wipes.  It is super easy and cool looking.

Materials: Rubber bands, baby wipes, washable markers, paper towel

Check out for instructions!

Look how cool it turned out!?
My little sister at work!
IMG_7351 (1)
As you can see I really liked these so much that I hung some up like a clothe line in my room!

Tic Tac Toe

Next up was floor tic tac toe.  It is really fun for those who prefer games, instead of crafts.

Materials: Masking tape, Plates, Black sharpie

Working on painting her sticks.

Free Time

Boys like anything to do with shooting and launching things.  I do give them free time, and they can do what they want.  He chose to launch Marshmallows!  He made it with Popsicle sticks and a rubber band.

He wanted to make sure I got a picture of this and it got on my blog!

Art Journal

Last not but least my little sister helped me with my art journal page.  At the end of the year I like to do a splatter paint page.  It releases a lot of stress!  🙂  The cat wouldn’t leave either, so he probably got some paint on him too! (not pictured)

My helper!
The final product!

Thank you so much for stopping by. Please share my blog.  I would like to see a lot more followers and views!  It is as easy as pushing the share button!  I know there are a lot of babysitters and moms out there looking for good ideas to do with kids!


Happy Summer!  🙂

Back to school we go!

Have you ever had a goal of staying organized all school year?  Well I do every year!  I would like to share different ideas I have and how they work for me, and I hope they work for you!

The first thing we will start with is my locker!  Even though I am freakishly organized, I still find my locker gets messy every so often!  I usually get a a crate to put my notebooks, folders, and textbooks!  For the top I usually have a crate for my emergency type of things, pencils, and other little things!  I also like to have a little fun and get something fun to put in my locker like my mirror!  I also hope to put some pictures up, because I like to remember all the fun memories I have made over the summer!

The bottom of my locker!
The bottom of my locker!
The top of my locker!
The top of my locker!
I like to have a little fun!
I like to have a little fun! “Sometimes I try to be normal, but then that gets to boring, so I go back to being me!”

I like to have my folders and notebooks all organized so then when I am in a hurry to go class to class I don’t have any problem finding the things I need for that class!  I just use mailing labels and then I go to google docs and do fun colors and funky writing and print them off!

Isn't that clever?
Isn’t that clever?

I try to keep organized daily too!  I got a really fun planner!  The brand is Daily Bloom!  It displays a lot of positivity and has quotes which I love!

My awesome new planner!
My awesome new planner!

I also got a Better together v3 pouch!  I am in love with it!  I will hopefully take this to class and it will have everything I need!  Pencils, calculator, glasses, and other important things!

Also, I have post its, and a a Chapstick!
Also, I have post its, bobby pins, and a Chapstick!

I have saw on Pinterest how you can decorate clothes pins.  I did it for myself and I love how they turned out!  All you need is washi tape and clothes pins.  It’s really simple and turns out awesome!

You can use them for hanging important reminders up or just to put up because they are cute!
You can use them for hanging important reminders up or just to put up because they are cute!

I really like clothes pins!  At Michael’s, I got these cute pink little clothes pins and I am in love with them!  I got some string and tacks and that is how easy this project is! For one of them, I’m planning to put daily reminders on!  You probably can’t see, but I wrote the days of the week on them!  I also cut out squares of seven different colors and one color will be for each day!  I made the Super Man box with duct tape and paper!  I also made another one those clothes line type of things for important reminders for the week!

My cute little clothe line! This one is for the daily organizing!
My cute little clothes line! This one is for the daily organizing!
My duct tape box with colored paper for each day of the week!
My duct tape box with colored paper for each day of the week!

I also needed some inspiration for working out in the morning!  I love quotes so I thought if I got some inspirational quotes that it might help!  I found a ton on Pinterest and put them into google docs!  Then I printed them out and cut them out!  I found this mug!  How fitting!  Little Miss Sunshine!  Every morning I will take one out and then tape it around my window!

You can't see the Little Miss Sunshine! Sorry about that!
You can’t see the Little Miss Sunshine! Sorry about that!

I also did a little sewing recently!  Since my new lunch box doesn’t have a water bottle holder, I decided to make one!  I hate how when I take my water bottle out of the fridge it condensates and gets all over my books!  So I made this out of fabric and then it won’t get everything wet!  I also made a soft glasses holder so I can fit it in my Better Together pouch!

My cute water bottle holder! I put ribbon through it so I can keep it shut and my water bottle won't fall out!
My cute water bottle holder! I put ribbon through it so I can keep it shut and my water bottle won’t fall out!
Soft glasses case!
Soft glasses case!

I also made school year goals!  This is personal, but I encourage all of you to make goals!  You can make too many and then pick a few to do!  One of them I going to try to do is eat less calories!  I then make a tally sheet and I working towards a prize for myself!  Hopefully that will keep me going!

School years goals!
School years goals!

I also went through my closet!  A few blog posts ago, I told you how I put my hangers the other way around and then will get rid of the things that stay that way after a month!  My closet has gotten smaller!  So it worked, and there were a few things I didn’t want to part with so I kept!

The process!
The process!
See how many things I really never wear!
See how many things I really never wear!

Also, I do weekly art journal pages!  I will share the past two of my favorite ones!  I use this to get emotions on paper!

I finally did a good sunset!
I finally did a good sunset!

Thank you so much for looking at my blog!  Please come again!  I would appreciate if you shared this to other people!

More Babysitting fun!

This should be one of the last babysitting post as summer is coming to an end!  I am going to combine two days into one again!

The first thing we did was make marshmallow shooters!  They really liked these!  They are really easy to make also!  These marshmallow shooters ended up in a marshmallow war!  I didn’t know what I was getting into!

Materials needed: Dixie cups, balloons, mini marshmallows and also duct tape is handy!

Can't you tell she is up to no good?
Can’t you tell she is up to no good?
What it looks like up close!
What it looks like up close!

Next we made was homemade paper spinners!  These turned out really good!  Also, a really easy project that keeps them entertained!

Materials needed: String, paper circles, cardboard, crayons, glue

They are really easy for the kids to make!
They are really easy for the kids to make!

Next they did a word search!  I often find these things to pass the time!

We tried scratch paper with the right paint, but it still didn’t work too great!  I was sad!  You can try for yourself!  You can you see how to do it on my last blog post!

I made a new cootie catcher!  He had to do some writing.  He wasn’t happy about that and didn’t do it!  That didn’t go so well with me!  She had to read!  It lasted for 30 minutes and usually there is no talking, so that is really nice to have them busy using there creative mind!

These are some examples I put in the cootie catcher:

Go outside, read, do a talent show, teach me something, build a fort, be an artist.

Reading with her dogs!
Reading with her dogs!
An empty sheet that didn't get filled up!
An empty sheet that didn’t get filled up!

Next we made minion puppets!  I really loved how these turned out!  They are really cute!

Materials needed: Craft sticks, yellow paint, blue paper, black pipe cleaners, googly eyes, black sharpie, hot clue gun

Aren't they cute?
Aren’t they cute?

Next we made book corners!  These are really my favorite, they turned out awesome and the kids enjoyed making them!  They make good book marks!

Materials needed: origami paper, ruler, mechanical pencil, glue, a paper pattern (pdf)

Working on our book corners!
Working on our book corners!
The final product!
The final product!


Thank you for stopping by!  Please tell others and share!

Day 2

We started the day off with a game!  We put masking tape on the ground and then we had pom poms and we tried blowing them with a straw and tried staying on the line of the tape!  It was really challenging!

Materials needed: Pom poms, straws, masking tape

Ready to play!
Ready to play!

Next we did Origami!  They loved that!  The first thing we made was a frog and they loved making them hop over things!  I had an origami book! Then we made faces if that is what you call it!  I made a bunny!

Jumping over things!
Jumping over things!
She was quite pleased with this!
She was quite pleased with this!
I was quite impressed with my creation!
I was quite impressed with my creation!

Then it was cootie catcher time!  He got to build a fort and she had to teach me something!  She decided to teach me how to paint my nails!  It was a ton of fun and they were using there creative minds!

She wanted to pick out what color to do! There were so many choices!
She wanted to pick out what color to do! There were so many choices!
The finished project!
The finished project!
He was quite proud of his creation!
He was quite proud of his creation!

Then we played Simon says draw!  We have played it another time and had a ton of fun!  It is where I say “Simon says” and tell them what to draw!  It got really funny!  It is a listening game!

The original picture!
The original picture!
His drawing! As you can see they are totally different!
His drawing! As you can see they are totally different!
Hers! Again complete different from mine!
Hers! Again complete different from mine!

The rest of the time we played with the doll house and did our own thing!

Her doll house is like a mansion!
Her doll house is like a mansion!

Thank you for stopping by!  Keep checking for my back to school post!


I am sorry I am a bad blogger!  I haven’t been keeping up! If it is OK with you I am going to combine two days of babysitting into one!

  • One thing we have done recently that has actually turned out really good is painting on glue.  It is really fun and easy!  All you do is pour glue into the lid and then put food coloring in the glue and swirl it around with a tooth pick!  Let it dry and pop it out of the lid!

Materials: Elmers glue, lid to a sour cream container, tooth picks, and food coloring

She got a little crazy with the food coloring!
She got a little crazy with the food coloring!
His turned out really cool!
His turned out really cool!
  • They love to paint so I got another canvas for the girl since I ruined hers by putting mod podge on it and the boy and I painted these creatures!  It was fun, but ours didn’t turn out to well.  I got the wrong type of paint, but still fun!
I did the owl! Isn't he cute?
I did the owl! Isn’t he cute?
He did a really good job too!
He did a really good job too!
Her new canvas! She is a really good painter!
Her new canvas! She is a really good painter!
  • The next two things we did did not turn out great!  Both of them you need to paint on a piece of paper!  Make sure you paint fast as you need the first thing you painted to be wet by the time you are done!  The first one you are suppose to put cling wrap on and let it dry and it is suppose to look cool.  It really didn’t do it for us!  The next piece of paper you are suppose to put salt on it and you are suppose to see a reaction!  We didn’t!   Coloring Techniques!

Materials: Card stock, paint, paint brushes, water, salt, and cling wrap

This is the one with cling wrap!
This is the one with cling wrap!
This is one where you use salt!
This is one where you use salt.
  • We tried making our own gak and lets just say that didn’t work!  It was a mess too, so if you feel like making a mess feel free and do this!  Homemade Gak!

Materials: Elmers Glue, Borax, water, and food coloring

Our homemade messy gak!
Our homemade messy gak!
  • We also tried making ice volcanoes and those didn’t work!  I will copy the link here so you can see for yourself how to do it as it was a complete failure for me!  Ice Volcanoes!
In the freezer!
In the freezer!
Trying to make them explode, but it didn't work to well!
Trying to make them explode, but it didn’t work to well!

Next babysitting day:

  • First we made water marbles!  They really aren’t  marbles, but they are really cool!  You can by the crystal balls on amazon for supper cheap and all you do is put them in water and they get pretty big!  For at least 4-6 hours!  I think they are really cool!
What they started out to be!
What they started out to be!
Finished product! If you leave them in the water longer they will get bigger!
Finished product! If you leave them in the water longer they will get bigger!
  • Next we made ice cube paints!  I really like these! All you do is put water in an ice cube tray and put food coloring in it and put tooth picks in each cube and put them in the freezer!  Once they are frozen take them out and start painting!  It looks really cool!

Materials:  Ice cube tray, water, food coloring, tooth picks, freezer

What they started out to be!
What they started out to be!
What they look like frozen!
What they look like frozen!
In action! Notice they are penguins?
In action! Notice they are penguins?
Doesn't that look cool?
Doesn’t that look cool?
  • Next we made homemade scratch paper!  I got the wrong paint, but it was still fun!  The next time I do it I will have the right kind of paint!  First you color a piece of paper with different colors and then paint black tempera over it and let it dry.  Then take a toothpick and start scratching a pretty picture!  Scratch Art!

Materials: paper, crayons, tempera paint, paint brush, and tooth picks

They did a cool job coloring!
They did a cool job coloring!
What is looks like when paint is over it!
What is looks like when paint is over it!
It looks pretty cool! Hopefully when I use the right paint it will look better!
It looks pretty cool! Hopefully when I use the right paint it will look better!
  • We tried making jello worms and that was a complete fail!  I will copy the link and you can try for yourself!  I won’t even try explaining!  Jello Worms!
What is looks like to start out!
What is looks like to start out!
The end product wasn't a success!
The end product wasn’t a success!
  • For fun we melted gummy bears!  That was fun, yummy, and messy!  All I did was put wax paper on a cookie sheet and grease the wax paper then put the gummy bears on it and put them in the oven at 300 and watch them melt!  After you can take them out and use a tooth pick and swirl the colors around!

Materials: gummy bears, cookie sheet, wax paper, tooth picks, oven

A mess!
A mess!
  • Last we painted again!  I painted a shirt and they painted hats and glasses!  It was lots of fun!  Except they did packer things which I was not to pleased about!  🙂
His hat and glasses
His hat and glasses
Her hat! I didn't get a picture of her glasses!
Her hat! I didn’t get a picture of her glasses!

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Do you wanna build a snowman?

Yes I do!  I want winter, but that is not what this post is about!

Sometimes I feel when kids are on summer vacation there brains turn to mush!  I know for myself it kind of does! Shhh don’t tell the teachers!  So now when I babysit I am going to teach them something!  This time I started with the states!  We learned five states and one capital!  They moaned and groaned, but they did really well!  I was impressed!

I just printed these off the web!  Google USA printable!

The blue was the five states and the one green was the capital!  Every time I will add five new sates and one new capital!
The blue was the five states and the one green was the capital! Every time I come I will add five new sates and one new capital!

We did two science experiments out of his book!  He wanted to do some out of HIS book so bad!  They were challenging and needed materials that normal people don’t have, but I manged to find two!

Here is the book!

The book!  It's neat!
The book! It’s neat!

Number 15: Materials needed: Mint-o-green life savors and a dark room

All you do is put a mint in your mouth in a dark room and bite on it really hard and you should see sparks!  Or at least you should see your teeth light up!  I didn’t get a picture of this!  This was suppose to show you how Benjamin Franklin made electricity!  They don’t really care about what there is to learn about the experiment they just want to do it!

Number 29: Materials needed:  16 pop corn kernels, stove, frying pan, baking oil, stop watch, paper and pen!

What you do is heat oil in a frying pan and then put the kernels in the pan! Then start your stop watch and when eight out of the sixteen kernels have popped yell for the other person to write down the time!  Then eight, then four, then two, and then 1!  It is really hard to write down the times because it is so fast so this experiment was dull except it was fun to pop pop corn!  Beware they go everywhere!

I was to busy when the experiment was in full force, so sorry for the poor picture!
I was to busy when the experiment was in full force, so sorry for the poor picture!

Then he left for summer school, so we could have some girl time!  She LOVES Frozen so I got some Frozen activities!  The first one we did was make an Olaf night light!  It didn’t turn out well because I don’t have too much artistic skill, but it was kind of cute!  I used a glow stick for the lighting!

Website I Used!

Hey, I am Olaf!
Hey, I am Olaf!

Then we had a snack that kind of failed, but who doesn’t want to eat marshmallows and chocolate chips?  I used tooth picks to keep them together!  Cut a marshmallow in half for his feet!  I used my own creativeness for this project!

He kind of looks creepy, but anyways!
He kind of looks creepy, but anyways!

Next she made Olaf out of paper and I think that turned out cute! It kept her busy!  I used brads to keep it all together!

Lots of fun Frozen worksheets can be found here!  You can just google Frozen activities and get a lot of worksheets!

Aren't they both cute?!
Aren’t they both cute?!

Next she did a maze and she said it was easy!  I like to print off those kind of things for when I clean up lunch or something like that!

It looks pretty challenging to me!
It looks pretty challenging to me!

Until her brother came home she painted!  She is a really good artist!  🙂


After he got home we did an inside scavenger hunt!  I love scavenger hunts!  It is a lot of fun!  The winner got a piece of candy…I am such a good health advocate aren’t I?

Website I Used!

He won!  There was a lot to find in 20 minutes!
He won! There was a lot to find in 20 minutes!

Then they wanted to do the “torture” cootie catcher!  They both had a hard time with theirs!  I am glad they used their powerful brains a little though!  He had to write something nice for his mom and she had to do something nice for her brother!   Let me tell you!  They struggled, but I loved the outcome!

His creation!  I don't know where he put!  Hopefully she liked it!
His creation! I don’t know where he put! Hopefully she liked it!
Isn't that cute??  She put her picture in his book he reads at night!
Isn’t that cute?? She put her picture in his book he reads at night!

The last thing we did was a fail!  We tried doing duct tape wallets, but to say the least I am not very good with reading directions!  No I didn’t take any pictures!

Unless you have lots of patients don’t do this project!

We didn’t get through everything, but still had fun!

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Science Experiments and Fun Activities

I don’t hear from the kids too often that they are bored which I am glad for!  I keep them occupied!  I got this book recently and it is called “101 Cool Science Experiments!”  I like it!  It has a ton of awesome things, but maybe they don’t all work!  I tried doing 6 out of the 101 and some didn’t work!  If you google 101 cool science experiments the book will show up!  In case you want to buy it!  🙂

It has a fun cover on it even!

Number 19: Are you absorbing this?  It was a biology experiment where you put paper towel in the glass jar to see how much water was soaked up depending on the amount of paper towel you put in!  We didn’t get drastic changes but we got a little.

Materials needed: masking tape, glass jar, water, paper towels, and a marker

It would help if you get a sharpie that shows up on your tape too! 😉

Number 26: The suspenseful egg!  First you put an egg in water and guess what happens?  It sinks!  If you put A LOT of salt into the water, the egg will float because of density!  I had to put A TON of salt in for that to work!

Materials needed: Glass Jar, egg, water, teaspoon, and salt

Can you see the egg?
Can you see the egg?

Number 29: Are you a Swing King?  You need to be at a playground to do this experiment!  The point of this is that a swing is like a pendulum!  What you are to do is put a ruler in front of your feet while holding the swing.  (a few steps backwards) and then you let you go of the swing and count how many times it goes back and forth in 10 seconds!  Then you do it again and except with someone on the swing and count the amount of swings back and forth!  I know your dying to know the results!  The number amount of swings should be the same!  It is because gravity pulls the swing!

Materials needed: A watch, outside playground swing, ruler, 2 friends

i forgot to take a picture while we were at the playground!
I forgot to take a picture while we were at the playground!

Number 36: The drip.  This experiment didn’t work right for us!  You have to have really cold water and really hot water and see which one drips faster!  When we did it the colder water leaked faster, but really the hot water should have because the hot water molecules are moving faster!  Boy do I feel smart talking about all of this!  🙂

Materials needed: 2 paper cups, pins, 2 small drinking glasses, water, and ice cubes

This was a fail of an experiment!
This was a fail of an experiment!

Number 38: Too Twisty, Too Twirly.  This was an interesting one!  You need a pencil with a pin on the top!  Then a square sheet of paper 3 inches by 3 inches and fold it diagonally both ways!  Then make it as a tent and put it on the pencil with a pin on it.  Put the pencil between your legs and put your hands under the piece of paper and the paper should eventually spin and you are wondering why?  Because of the heat of your hands, and hot air rises!  Cool, huh?

Materials needed: thin sheet of paper, pin, and pencil with an eraser

They thought this was pretty cool!
They thought this was pretty cool!

Number 63: Paperclip overload!  Did you know a paperclip can float?  I didn’t until I did this experiment!  You put a piece of tissue paper in a bowl on water and then put the paperclip in!  Gently push down the tissue paper with a pencil with an eraser on it!  Then the paperclip should float!  Cool huh?  Ok I am done with experiments for now!

Materials needed:  bowl, water, paperclips, tissue paper, and pencil with an eraser

image2 (2)
It is floating!

I have made a cootie catcher! (at least that is what I call them)  The kids call it torture because it has some fun things in it and they don’t think so!  Like writing and being creative!  One had to write a two paragraph story, but didn’t do it, she refused and the other one had to create his own board game!  He got really creative!  It was like a scavenger hunt and every time you found something you got to move your marker to the next number!  That was really neat!  I love to watch kids use there creativity when they choose too!

My “torture” cootie catcher!
image5 (1)
A blank sheet of paper that never got filled!
Our list of things to find!
Our list of things to find!

Next up we made colored sand!  This was really fun!  All you need is salt and chalk!  Newspaper too if you don’t want to make a huge mess!  All you do is rub the chalk on the salt!  You have to be patient though as it doesn’t turn color right away!

Materials needed: chalk, salt, glass jar, and newspaper

In the process....
In the process….
Hard at work!
Hard at work!
Final product!  I think it looks really neat!
Final product! I think it looks really neat!

Final thing we did was paint canvases!  I found these little ones at Walmart that were already designed and all you had to do was paint!  I was really excited!  They loved it too!

Hard at work!
Hard at work!
My final project!
My final project!  On mine I traced everything with a sharpie to make it stand out and then when I got home I put mod podge on to make it look clear!
His final project!
His final project!
Her final project!
Her final project!

I think they both did awesome!  Notice I put newspaper on the table so paint wouldn’t go everywhere!

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Water Day

I really do love to babysit!  I love to be around kids and so on!  This summer I have a part time babysitting job and I love it!  The kids are awesome and I could go on forever about that!  Each day I babysit I bring my own stuff for them to do!  They love that and it keeps them occupied!  Plus then I am not bored too!  It is a win win situation!  Today was water day!  They were thrilled!

The night before I filled up a ton of water balloons which is a lot of work, but I did it!  You know why I had to do a ton?  Because I had 11 stations each station needed at least 3-6 balloons!  Help us!  Anyways..on too what I did today!

image3 (2)
Planning the night before!

When I got there I set up which took awhile!  While I was doing that I had them doing bookmarks!  They had no clue what I was up too!  I also had to bring from my house a ton of water balloons and so you know how I did that?  I walked just so you know!  I had a huge back pack too!

How I transported the balloons!

My backpack filled with fun!

  • image2
    Can’t you see that smile on her face? 🙂

    I gave them each an envelope with what the theme was and when they read it I was pretty sure this day would be a hit!  They were really excited!

    Then outside we went!  I was pretty excited myself!  The first thing we did was kind of a failure so I won’t say to much about that one!  It was where you had to roll the water balloon as far as you could and not pop it!  It didn’t work to well!  The second thing we did is play catch with the balloons!

  • image4

    Next thing we did was kind of a flop also!  We did spoon races with the balloons!  It was almost too hard!

    image4 (2)

    After the spoon races we played tag with the balloons!  It was a lot of running!  We always missed each other too!  Not the funnest game we played today!  The next activity we did was do a relay race with the balloon underneath their chins!  That was entertaining!  This was one of the more fun ones!

  • image3 (1)
    This game was a hit with them!

    The next activity we did didn’t use water balloons!  It was called drip, drip, dunk!  It is basically duck, duck, goose except with water!  I used a lemonade can and drilled three holes in the bottom! We all eventually got soaked!  I even liked that one!  Sorry, I don’t have any pictures of this one!  I was too wet!The next activity we did was where I drew a target with sidewalk chalk on the driveway and they threw water balloons on it!  It wasn’t the best, but it was entertaining!


We then had another relay race which is my favorite! You had to sit on a water balloon and make it pop and run back twice!

They had a ton of fun with this one!

The next one was a teamwork one!  They each grabbed a side of the towel and tried throwing it up and catching it together!  It didn’t work the best!


The next activity we did was water balloon baseball!  It is kind of fun to hit the balloon and get all wet!  There are not bases involved though!

You need a lot of water balloons for this game!

The next one doesn’t involve water balloons!  You need 3 cups and be prepared for your back to be soaking wet!  What you have to do is pour the cup of water behind your head and into the other persons cup!

image1 (2)

The next one is fun also!  You need a bat and a tree of some sort!  It is a water balloon piñata!

image2 (2)

The last one we played was where one person held a colander and other through the water balloon!

image3 (3)

At the end we had a water fight!  One person had the the hose and the other one had water guns!  I got soaked!  Don’t think I didn’t play!  I only had water guns!  🙂  I think the kids thought this day was a success!

Here are some of the links to where I found these ideas!  Yes, they are from Pinterest!

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

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