Tea Parties and More!

When I was a little kid I loved playing with American Girl Dolls.  Now that I am older I still think they are pretty cool!  Well one of the kids I babysit loves them too, so I decided to have a tea party with her!  That is one of the huge highlights of this post.  Also, I encourage you to share my blog.  I have a love for writing and having fun with kids.  So this blog is a perfect opportunity for me to do both of my passions at the same time.  I would love to see more followers and views becasue that would make it even more fun to write these post!  To know people are actually reading it, is a big deal when it takes time to write them!  I like to think of my  blog as Pinterest, just all the best ideas are picked out already!  I would super appreciate if you shared my blog!  THANK YOU!


Now to my post!  I am combing a few days in one post just so you know!

Snack Time

Graham cracker aquariums.  Super easy, super fun, and super yummy!  You put blue frosting in the middle of the cracker then put gold fish on it.  It just so happened that the frosting came with fish sprinkles too!

Materials: Blue Frosting, Graham crackers, Gold Fish, knife

The final product!
In action!

Outside Activity

Attention Outside lovers!  You simply make a target with sidewalk chalk.  You can make it as big or small as you would like.  You can get some sponges (I got mine at the dollar store), and you throw it at the target.  We soaked ours in water so when you throw it on the driveway you can tell where it hit! You then keep track of points.  I put 50 points in the middle and went there on out.  Usually we play the first one to 300 points! It usually ends up with a water fight at the end!  Be prepared!

Materials: Sidewalk chalk, sponges, water

What the target looks like!
Soaking the sponges!

Bubble Snakes

These are super fun!  You simply put bubbles in a bowl.  You can put food coloring in it if you choose!  It adds a little more to the coolness of the activity!  Then you put an old sock on a plastic water bottle.  You cut the bottom of the plastic water bottle, and put the sock on the water bottle!  Simply dip the water bottle in the bubbles and blow through the bottle!  The end result is awesome!

Materials: Plastic water bottle, bubbles, old sock, bowl, food coloring

Website: More Information!

Attention Game Lovers!

I found a new game that every kid I have played with so far has LOVED!  It is called Spot It!  I am quite sure you can get the game anywhere!  It is where you find matches on different cards.  There are also different variations of the game.  Super simple, but fun!


Torture Cootie Catcher

Yes indeed they still love this!  She had to paint her nails, and he had to take some pictures.  If you like this idea, leave a comment and I can give you more ideas!

Painting her nails!
Being a photographer!

 Duct Tape Book Corners

I think I had more fun with this then the kids did.  You simply cut off a corner of an envelope and put duct tape on it.  Having fun duct tape is key though, like glasses, superman, or penguins!



I am terrible at this, but the kids had fun!  He tried making some kind of throwing star.  I know there is a specific name for this, but I forgot.  I think something to do with Star Wars!


Air Dry Clay

This is fun, and pretty easy surprisingly.  All you do is mix 1 cup of baking soda and 1/2 cup of corn starch in a sauce pan.  Then add 2/3 cup warm water and stir until it is smooth.  Then over a medium heat you boil and stir it until it is the consistency of mashed potatoes.  (I didn’t think this was going to happen, but it really did.)   Then put it on a board and let it cool.  Then you can kneed it and you can make it into cool shapes.  I am quite sure once it is completely dry you can paint it as well!

Website: For More Information!


It was quite the process.  First we got the girls dressed and their hair done.  We had real little food for the American Girls.  I brought little tea cups and plates and so on.  I made name tags too for everyone who attended.  🙂

For food we made “Doughnuts” .  You are supposed to use Cheerios, but we didn’t have any so I used baby snacks!  It worked fine!  For some we put them in a bag with confectioners sugar, and shook the bag.  Some we melted chocolate chips and put it on the snacks and then sprinkled them!  Super easy and fun!


Another thing we made was “watermelon.”  It didn’t turn out, but what you do is make jello (watermelon or strawberry) and put chocolate chips in it when it cools to look like watermelon!  Fun idea!  If you have a little more time you could do this.

The set up!

We also popped popcorn for a little more food.

Lastly we made smoothies.  Simply you put frozen fruit in a blender with some milk.  Blend it up and then put into glasses.  I put whipped cream and sprinkles on top for some fun.  I also cut straws in half to make them smaller!  A very fun activity!


A few more random pictures!

Thank you so much for taking a look at my blog!  It means a lot!  Keep on sharing!  If you have any questions feel free to leave comments on the post itself!


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