Another Adventure!

I have been a terrible blogger.  I have been on vacation and so on.  You all know that story!  These activities are from two days before I left.  Anyways lets get to it!

Bow Tie Noodle Craft

Girls would probably enjoy this craft more than boys.  She had fun.  It’s pretty simple.

Materials: Cardstock, chalk markers, bow tie noodles, hot glue, and a sharpie

Website: For more details!

The final product!

Blow Bubbles to Make Paint

This one was super fun!  Simply you put food coloring and bubbles in a bowl.  We made our own bubble wands too.  Super easy and fun.  It is best if you use card stock or thicker paper.

Materials: Bubbles, food coloring, bowls, card stock, bubble wands

Materials for wands: pipe cleaners, and pony beads

Website: More details on the wand! 

More details on the paint bubbles!

Crayon Rubbings

I was quite impressed with how these turned out.  All you have to do is use a hot glue gun and make your design on cardboard.  This craft isn’t ideal for little kids since there is a hot glue gun involved.  You let the hot glue dry and then put paper over it and color over it and you’ll have the design you put on the cardboard!

Materials: Cardboard, hot glue gun, paper, crayons

Website: For more details!


This is a good craft for boys.  It is super easy and a ton of fun.  I brought marshmallows to launch, but you could use pretty much anything to launch!

Materials: Popsicle sticks, rubber bands, hot glue gun, milk top, launching materials

Website: For more details!

Ready, Set, Go!

Paper Fans

These are fun to make on a hot day.  Then you can fan yourself.  These didn’t turn out amazing, but they were fun to make!

Materials: Clothes pins, colored paper, hot glue gun

Website: For more details!

They didn’t turn out perfect!

Ping Pong Relay

All you need is two people and a ping pong ball! You need to have a starting and ending line and see who can push their ping pong ball to the other end with their nose first.  It is really tricky and fun!

Doesn’t it look fun?

American Girls

This took me back to when I was a kid!  I sure loved my American Girls!  We played for awhile, dressing them up and so on!  A very good way to pass time away!

She sure loves her American Girls!


For some reason I didn’t get any pictures of these, but they were super fun.  All you do is put pony beads on a pipe cleaner, and twist the pipe cleaner.  You then put eyes and tongue and then you have a snake!

Materials: Pipe cleaner, pony beads, google eyes, and hot glue gun

Website: For more details!

Torture Cootie Catcher

They still love this, and it surprises me.  I love seeing them hard at work.

I believe she had to play a song on the piano and she played Hot Cross Buns.

Toothpick, Dot, and Marsh-mellow Construction

I was so excited about this activity!  The point was to the build the tallest building. They were given 25 toothpicks, 15 marshmallows, and 10 dots.  From there on out they had to “pay” to get more.  They had a $100 budget.  Dots were $7, Marshmallows were $5, and toothpicks were $3.  It was super fun to watch them hard at work!  I then made a rubric.  Things I “graded” them on was creativity, sturdiness, height, and cost effective.  He won!


The final product!

She was kind of proud!
Looking pretty pleased with himself!

That is all folks! I should have another blog post at the end of this week, so keep a look out! Please share!  It would be much appreciated!  Thank you for stopping by!




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