Science Experiments and Fun Activities

I don’t hear from the kids too often that they are bored which I am glad for!  I keep them occupied!  I got this book recently and it is called “101 Cool Science Experiments!”  I like it!  It has a ton of awesome things, but maybe they don’t all work!  I tried doing 6 out of the 101 and some didn’t work!  If you google 101 cool science experiments the book will show up!  In case you want to buy it!  🙂

It has a fun cover on it even!

Number 19: Are you absorbing this?  It was a biology experiment where you put paper towel in the glass jar to see how much water was soaked up depending on the amount of paper towel you put in!  We didn’t get drastic changes but we got a little.

Materials needed: masking tape, glass jar, water, paper towels, and a marker

It would help if you get a sharpie that shows up on your tape too! 😉

Number 26: The suspenseful egg!  First you put an egg in water and guess what happens?  It sinks!  If you put A LOT of salt into the water, the egg will float because of density!  I had to put A TON of salt in for that to work!

Materials needed: Glass Jar, egg, water, teaspoon, and salt

Can you see the egg?
Can you see the egg?

Number 29: Are you a Swing King?  You need to be at a playground to do this experiment!  The point of this is that a swing is like a pendulum!  What you are to do is put a ruler in front of your feet while holding the swing.  (a few steps backwards) and then you let you go of the swing and count how many times it goes back and forth in 10 seconds!  Then you do it again and except with someone on the swing and count the amount of swings back and forth!  I know your dying to know the results!  The number amount of swings should be the same!  It is because gravity pulls the swing!

Materials needed: A watch, outside playground swing, ruler, 2 friends

i forgot to take a picture while we were at the playground!
I forgot to take a picture while we were at the playground!

Number 36: The drip.  This experiment didn’t work right for us!  You have to have really cold water and really hot water and see which one drips faster!  When we did it the colder water leaked faster, but really the hot water should have because the hot water molecules are moving faster!  Boy do I feel smart talking about all of this!  🙂

Materials needed: 2 paper cups, pins, 2 small drinking glasses, water, and ice cubes

This was a fail of an experiment!
This was a fail of an experiment!

Number 38: Too Twisty, Too Twirly.  This was an interesting one!  You need a pencil with a pin on the top!  Then a square sheet of paper 3 inches by 3 inches and fold it diagonally both ways!  Then make it as a tent and put it on the pencil with a pin on it.  Put the pencil between your legs and put your hands under the piece of paper and the paper should eventually spin and you are wondering why?  Because of the heat of your hands, and hot air rises!  Cool, huh?

Materials needed: thin sheet of paper, pin, and pencil with an eraser

They thought this was pretty cool!
They thought this was pretty cool!

Number 63: Paperclip overload!  Did you know a paperclip can float?  I didn’t until I did this experiment!  You put a piece of tissue paper in a bowl on water and then put the paperclip in!  Gently push down the tissue paper with a pencil with an eraser on it!  Then the paperclip should float!  Cool huh?  Ok I am done with experiments for now!

Materials needed:  bowl, water, paperclips, tissue paper, and pencil with an eraser

image2 (2)
It is floating!

I have made a cootie catcher! (at least that is what I call them)  The kids call it torture because it has some fun things in it and they don’t think so!  Like writing and being creative!  One had to write a two paragraph story, but didn’t do it, she refused and the other one had to create his own board game!  He got really creative!  It was like a scavenger hunt and every time you found something you got to move your marker to the next number!  That was really neat!  I love to watch kids use there creativity when they choose too!

My “torture” cootie catcher!
image5 (1)
A blank sheet of paper that never got filled!
Our list of things to find!
Our list of things to find!

Next up we made colored sand!  This was really fun!  All you need is salt and chalk!  Newspaper too if you don’t want to make a huge mess!  All you do is rub the chalk on the salt!  You have to be patient though as it doesn’t turn color right away!

Materials needed: chalk, salt, glass jar, and newspaper

In the process....
In the process….
Hard at work!
Hard at work!
Final product!  I think it looks really neat!
Final product! I think it looks really neat!

Final thing we did was paint canvases!  I found these little ones at Walmart that were already designed and all you had to do was paint!  I was really excited!  They loved it too!

Hard at work!
Hard at work!
My final project!
My final project!  On mine I traced everything with a sharpie to make it stand out and then when I got home I put mod podge on to make it look clear!
His final project!
His final project!
Her final project!
Her final project!

I think they both did awesome!  Notice I put newspaper on the table so paint wouldn’t go everywhere!

I hope this gives so more ideas and I hope I don’t bore you to death!  Thank you for stopping by!  You are welcome to share my site!  I would appreciate it!


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