Water Day

I really do love to babysit!  I love to be around kids and so on!  This summer I have a part time babysitting job and I love it!  The kids are awesome and I could go on forever about that!  Each day I babysit I bring my own stuff for them to do!  They love that and it keeps them occupied!  Plus then I am not bored too!  It is a win win situation!  Today was water day!  They were thrilled!

The night before I filled up a ton of water balloons which is a lot of work, but I did it!  You know why I had to do a ton?  Because I had 11 stations each station needed at least 3-6 balloons!  Help us!  Anyways..on too what I did today!

image3 (2)
Planning the night before!

When I got there I set up which took awhile!  While I was doing that I had them doing bookmarks!  They had no clue what I was up too!  I also had to bring from my house a ton of water balloons and so you know how I did that?  I walked just so you know!  I had a huge back pack too!

How I transported the balloons!

My backpack filled with fun!

  • image2
    Can’t you see that smile on her face? 🙂

    I gave them each an envelope with what the theme was and when they read it I was pretty sure this day would be a hit!  They were really excited!

    Then outside we went!  I was pretty excited myself!  The first thing we did was kind of a failure so I won’t say to much about that one!  It was where you had to roll the water balloon as far as you could and not pop it!  It didn’t work to well!  The second thing we did is play catch with the balloons!

  • image4

    Next thing we did was kind of a flop also!  We did spoon races with the balloons!  It was almost too hard!

    image4 (2)

    After the spoon races we played tag with the balloons!  It was a lot of running!  We always missed each other too!  Not the funnest game we played today!  The next activity we did was do a relay race with the balloon underneath their chins!  That was entertaining!  This was one of the more fun ones!

  • image3 (1)
    This game was a hit with them!

    The next activity we did didn’t use water balloons!  It was called drip, drip, dunk!  It is basically duck, duck, goose except with water!  I used a lemonade can and drilled three holes in the bottom! We all eventually got soaked!  I even liked that one!  Sorry, I don’t have any pictures of this one!  I was too wet!The next activity we did was where I drew a target with sidewalk chalk on the driveway and they threw water balloons on it!  It wasn’t the best, but it was entertaining!


We then had another relay race which is my favorite! You had to sit on a water balloon and make it pop and run back twice!

They had a ton of fun with this one!

The next one was a teamwork one!  They each grabbed a side of the towel and tried throwing it up and catching it together!  It didn’t work the best!


The next activity we did was water balloon baseball!  It is kind of fun to hit the balloon and get all wet!  There are not bases involved though!

You need a lot of water balloons for this game!

The next one doesn’t involve water balloons!  You need 3 cups and be prepared for your back to be soaking wet!  What you have to do is pour the cup of water behind your head and into the other persons cup!

image1 (2)

The next one is fun also!  You need a bat and a tree of some sort!  It is a water balloon piñata!

image2 (2)

The last one we played was where one person held a colander and other through the water balloon!

image3 (3)

At the end we had a water fight!  One person had the the hose and the other one had water guns!  I got soaked!  Don’t think I didn’t play!  I only had water guns!  🙂  I think the kids thought this day was a success!

Here are some of the links to where I found these ideas!  Yes, they are from Pinterest!

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Thank you for reading my blog!  Make sure you come back for more organizing tips and things to do when you hear a kid say “I am bored!”

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